Helping parents with their pre-teens and teens!


Do you understand the issues, opportunities and flash points that motivate or discourage the development of your pre-teens and teens?

Today, many youth do not tap their full potential, 70% of young people walk away from their faith based community and 26% drop out in the first year of college. YTN will help you maintain a positive relationship during the challenging adolescent years and develop an environment of mutual understanding and trust that will prepare your young people to stand firm and thrive when they leave home.


We have personally interviewed more than 2,500 young people, with revealing and surprising results.

Many of our youth, including church attenders, are leading dangerous dual lives. Many college freshmen fail to thrive because they’re completely unprepared for life away from home.  And yet, the majority of young people still want to please their parents and would welcome their parents’ influence – if only it were positive and productive. YTN can equip you to lead your 8 to 18 year olds to success.


Ready to make an impact on the youth in your lives? Well ready, set, go…

We have a wide selection of seminars to fit what you are needing in your life! If you are looking for something different and fresh that will impact your life and your kids life, our YTN seminars will be perfect for you.