Academic Motivation

"It's Your Life" (IYL) is based on extensive qualitative research conducted by the Youth Transition Network (YTN) with over 3,000 adolescents.  IYL was tested with Durango School District 9R for two years where it was the top rated session by 8th grade students, high school students and mentors.


"It's Your Life" is engineered to holistically address the issues identified in our research that impact students' motivation.  IYL seeks to draw upon every students’ internal desire to achieve through an interactive self-discovery process.  To accomplish this IYL draws students into discussions through interactive exercises that help them identify their frustrations, motivation issues, hurts and escapes. Interwoven into these activities are concepts and information that help students understand the adolescent brain, the redefinition of childhood, core values, and the importance of understanding themselves, their strengths and situations.

Integrating this with Strength Finders 2.0 allows students to see their internal potential and possible paths for their future. When students recognize their potential and identify a personal path in the context of their desired future, it leads to discussions about potential life directions. The result is a new perspective, internal motivation and an increased desire and willingness to take the reins of their lives.


A majority of students develop self-understanding and a greater vision for their future.  This leads to a willingness and even desire to establish some near and mid-term objectives and goals that are documented and placed in strategic locations.  IYL concludes by helping students consider if the direction they are currently taking will help them achieve the future success they desire.

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It's Your Life can be delivered in a number of formats based upon the existing structure and programs organizations have in place.  Contact YTN to discuss how IYL holistically moves students to take the reins of their lives and academics.  (602) 441-2240 x104