As youth workers we desire to see students motivated to learn, grow and move successfully on to college or career. Achieving this goal has become more difficult given the complex set of factors that hinder students' preparedness and motivation.


YTN has invested ten years in qualitative research seeking to decode the factors adversely impacting students’ internal desire, motivation and preparedness for life/college. The research found that the commonly accepted breakdown in the parent adolescent relationship often served as the root of the issues adolescents encountered often robbing them of their potential.


This crossed all demographic segments and stemmed from the onset of the adolescent brain change18 months prior to puberty (as early as age 8 or 9) that parents and students were unaware of and not prepared to address in a productive manner.  As a result parents often look to youth organizations to accomplish what is really their responsibility.

Based on this work, YTN has developed targeted programs that practically address parents' ability to stay connected to their kids throughout the adolescent years.  Other programs address students’ hidden feelings, frustrations, and desires. Our understanding of these factors led to the creation of powerful interactive programs and events that, when strategically implemented, have the ability to dramatically alter the trajectory of students lives.


The Secrets of Influential Parenting can be paired with YTN’s student programs, that help students understand themselves, identify the true source of their motivation issues, and envision their future. In this students frequently find the internal motivation to achieve especially when they encounter the type of support that the adolescent brain will accept at home. The resulting change can be remarkable.


Our work resulted in the development of four programs youth organizations can leverage to prevent and counteract many of the factors that cause adolescents to fall short of their true potential.

YTN's Research

Review YTN’s findings from its extensive interaction with thousands of adolescents.   

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Academic Life Direction and Motivation

Explore YTN's creative, interactive, and restorative program to draw out students’ internal motivation in a way that will last, “It’s Your Life!”

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Parent Programs

The parent counterpart of It's Your Life leverages research, student videos and practical skills to empower parents to influence the lives and motivation of their adolescents in a different way. YTN helps parents see the downside of micro management and ways to engage that the adolescent brain will accept. Learn about "the Secrets of Influential Parenting" and it many delivery options.

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Student Culture

Students need a venue to address the dual-life culture that permeates our youth culture today. Youth find a voice with Reboot.

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College and Career Transition

Far too many high performing students struggle in their transition to college and career. When 26% of all college freshmen do not make it through their first year of college, we need to help them understand the change, challenges, and stress that snare so many unsuspecting graduates. Succeed does just that!

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Partnership Program

Make leveraging YTN's resources feasible with our partnership program.

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