Parent Support Community

YTNU, our parent support community offers schools an easy way to come alongside parents as their kids grow, become adolescents and encounter challenges.  Districts can work with YTN to leverage the parent support community for their parents.


Community members have unlimited access to the entire Secrets of Influential Parenting series, a series of implementation videos and over 200 three to five minute videos from Jeff Schadt, professional counselors and fellow community members that assist parents as they make changes in their homes.  These videos offer parents help with specific issues, additional tactics, and stories that serve as examples that parents can leverage with their kids. When combined with the member's blog, the support community enables parents, schools and YTN a way to work together to change our families and give our kid's the best platform for success.


YTN adds two to three videos every week and is in the process of editing another 100 videos for the parent support community.  The growing library of videos will provide answers to questions asked on the member's blog as well as offer additional insights and examples parents can leverage as their kids move toward independence.

Through the support community parents have access to important input when they encounter issues or have questions regarding how to handle different situations in an influential manner.


To explore ways YTN can come alongside school districts to equip parents in order to give kids the type of support they need at home to achieve their true potential contact YTN or call (602) 441-2240 x 104.


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