Preparing High School Juniors & Seniors to Succeed on Their Own!


Succeed addresses the top three reasons Ohio State University Research says college freshmen do not make it through their freshmen year.  Ohio States findings are integrated with YTN's qualitative research that points to Freedom, Loneliness and Culture Shock as primary factors in Ohio States findings.


Ohio State Findings for the Freshmen Drop Out Rate

1) Social Change

2) Change in Academic Protocol

3) Financial Management


Today Research Indicates that:


As educators we all want students to succeed when they graduate. Research from Ohio State University, UCLA and YTN, the creator of Succeed, indicates that the vast majority of young people today are not prepared for the change, stress and responsibility of life on their own. Combined, these forces can result in compromise and failure as our students leave home and seek a place to fit in on campus or in the work force.

Youth Transition Network created Succeed to help schools prepare high school juniors and seniors and their parents to understand the reality of the challenges of leaving home so that they are less likely to land in the many traps that snare our high school graduates today. This vital information has proven to help students manage the change they face socially, academically, and financially.


We spend countless hours and spend significant sums for activities, SAT and ACT preparation classes and college applications to help our students get into the best college possible, and we believe they are ready.  We must help students see the reality of the changes they will face.  YTN’s research found that 90+ % of students believe the transition to life on their own or college will be easy, setting them up to fall prey to the challenges and stress.


Succeed Program Information:

Succeed is a fast paced event utilizing student videos and either live speakers or video presentations with live Q & A designed to open students eyes to the facts that the transition will be challenging. The decisions students make in the first days away from home will shape the direction of their first year of college and possibly their college career.


The event has 4 to 7 sessions depending upon the audience, format and time availability. These sessions are designed to prepare students and help parents enter valuable conversations with their students around vital transition topics including:


Change, Challenges and Stress (Jeff Schadt)

This session addresses the social change, which according to Ohio State is the #1 reason freshmen do not make it through their first year in college.


Realties of the Research (Brian Raison or Jeff Schadt)

This session challenges students by bringing the realities of the transition research from UCLA, Ohio State and YTN home to them.


Time Trap: Academic Success (Dave Weber)

Free time on campus is the number one killer of students both academically and socially.


Money Matters (Chris Renzelman or Jeff Schadt)

This session will make clear that money management is vital to avoid the third reason students do not make it past their freshmen year.


College Student Panel (College Students)

College students will be on hand to answer questions from the audience related to the transition to college.


Great Expectations (Jeff Schadt)

Many students struggle with the sense of not measuring up to perceived expectations.


Connecting for Success

It is often the relationships that students create in the days following graduation and leaving home that will set their course.


To learn more about these sessions download the Succeed PDF


Program Schedule:

Each session is 35 to 40 minutes including time for Q & A with the students and parents.  The event can be run in two evening sessions or in a single day format.