YTN’s research echoes that of UCLA and Ohio which indicates that youth are less prepared for life on their own or college than at any previous point in time. Even students with high academic achievement often struggle once on a college campus. In our interviews with thousands of high school seniors and college freshmen, YTN uncovered a number of important factors that lead to the 28% dropout rate of freshmen. The more disturbing reality from YTN’s research was the fact that over half of the students experienced struggles academically, socially or financially that their parents knew little or nothing about. In our first set of interviews we found:





YTN’s Findings:






Findings from UCLA and Ohio State along with YTN’s research clearly demonstrate that youth are: less prepared for life on their own, focused on freedom from their parents, and a majority are leading dual lives.  As a result YTN developed Succeed, a college transition program that opens the eyes of juniors and seniors to what is ahead. We must also reexamine the approach to parenting we employ through the adolescent years. Too many students are not ready to manage their lives on their own and are seeking freedom from parents more than achievement in college. 


Combined with all of YTN’s other research, this conclusion led to the development and testing of a different approach, the Secrets of Influential Parenting.