YTN has conducted qualitative research with over 3,000 youth to unearth the factors that adversely impact the success and motivation of adolescents. What was initially thought to be a simple undertaking developed into a seven-year process as we sought to identify the root cause of the myriad of issues youth disclosed that were negatively impacting their motivation and success. To date YTN has interviewed over three hundred fifty adolescents on camera and conducted over fifty group sessions of twenty to sixty adolescents ages fourteen to nineteen. The strength of qualitative research is found in its ability to identify factors previously not considered based on in depth interaction with the audience.


YTN’s research unearthed many insights into the factors impacting the development, motivation, and success of youth. However, the weakness of qualitative research is its inability to give statistically valid percentages related to these issues. This is the reason you will find ranges or references to percentages, as well as summary wording like a majority or vast majority of youth as opposed to specific numbers related to these factors.