Reboot Advisory Program, Chapel Series or Retreat  


Reboot is a program designed to reboot the the student culture among students in a Christian school or youth ministry.


Reboot was assembled based on conversations with over 1,500 Christian youth and 400 video taped interviews with teens.  It helps students discuss and face many of the cultural issues that adversely impact their faith while addressing, through the back door, the deceptive dual life that derails many students in a variety of ways.  The retreat has has been run with middle school and high school groups, student leadership teams and clubs.   


Reboot is highly interactive with group discussions and small group interaction discussing topics that frustrate students, giving them a venue to honestly address them. Students are helped to assess all the expectations they have felt which have caused them to want to give up.  Small group discussions have them dig into the bible looking for the expectations Jesus had of the disciples, the real meaning of love, and how love alters the culture. Through these discussions they are guided to redefine the culture they would like to have in their group, school or ministry.   


For more information call (602) 441-2240 x 104.