YTNU our online parent support community helps parents:


YTNU offers parents a growing library of over 220 videos that empowers us to understand, relate to and influence our kids in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

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YTNU Offers:

A Members Only Blog

Parents can ask questions of Jeff and Deedee Schadt as well as other members about influential parenting, addressing specific situations as well as seeking advice and encouragement as they head into the adolescent years.


The Secrets of Influential Parenting Series

Offers parents a new perspective that is changing the way families interact and helps parents draw upon their kid's internal desire to achieve.


Implementation Process

A 10 video series that helps parents alter how their kids, especially adolescents, view and interact with their parents, resulting in less conflict, open communication, and more internally motivated kids.


Story Videos

Actual stories that provide parents ideas and examples of how they can handle the daily challenges of being a parent in a more positive manner that leads to greater influence in their kids' lives.


Research Videos

Jeff Schadt brings key research related to our kids, their brain development, and adolescence to parents' attention. He arms parents with key information they can use to help their kids make better decisions.


Member Videos

Videos are from fellow parents and experts like professional counselors who have become influential parents and share helpful ideas, insights and examples that encourage us all to be amazing parents.


In the News Videos

A series of videos that bring the latest news stories regarding kids age 6 to 18 from around the country that inspire and challenge us as parents today.


Issues Videos

When we encounter more serious concerns with our kids we often are not sure exactly how to address them.  Jeff Schadt helps parents tackle these issues in a way that does not trigger the oppositional nature of our kids.


Equipping Videos

These bring additional concepts parents can use in their homes to help guide their kids as they grow, develop and pass through adolescence.


YTN adds two to three videos every week and is in the process of editing another 100 videos for our Parent Oasis. 

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