The Secrets of Influential Parenting is a dynamic, research-based approach to parenting that offers parents hope and a flexible map to achieve better outcomes with kids of every personality type.  Dramatically different than other parenting approaches, the Secrets of Influential Parenting helps parents connect at a deeper level with their kids by targeting the inner things that lead to common motivation and behavior issues.  Parents of kids ages 4 to 18 will benefit from the research, insightful perspective and practical nature of an influential approach to parenting.

Parents face natural concerns as their kids approach the adolescent years.  YTN's research has identified ways to alter the typical outcome of the parent adolescent relationship.  The Secrets of Influential Parenting will help you understand the changes that occur in the adolescent brain and alter your approach to align with these changes.  The benefits include less conflict, better relationships and more natural influence in the decisions adolescents make.


Unexpected by Jeff and Deedee, but even more exciting, was the discovery that influential parenting worked well with their younger kids. This caused them to implement an influential approach with Eric at age three.  The outcome has them believing that Eric will be their first positive core value kid.


Are you looking for different answers that lead to better relationships, natural influence, deeper communication and more internally motivated kids?

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