Succeed College Transition Event


In light of countless hours our youth have spent in school and church along with the dollars spent on SAT prep courses and college applications, why neglect preparing our youth for the transition to college life so that they are not caught by surprise.


We need to help then understand the change, challenges and stress and reassess their view of the freedom they will have.  In YTN’s research, every high schooler said they thought leaving home would be easy.  Every college student said it was far harder than they expected, and many were overcome by loneliness and stress. Many were unprepared and carry with them deep hurts and regrets that most often their parents knew nothing about!


Help host or attend this event together with your youth to help them see the challenges ahead.  Give them the tools and ability to avoid the pitfalls. This vital information is proven to help students manage the changes they face socially, academically, and financially and when they head to college or the workforce.


Download the PDF to learn more about the event: its sessions, flexible time tables and delivery options.


Or prepare your high school juniors and seniors today by using the Succeed DVD and discussion guide as a family or in your school or youth organization! To dsicuss scheduling or hosting a Succeed seminar, call YTN at (602) 441-2240 x 104.