Secrets of Influential Parenting Seminars


The Secrets of Influential Parenting is a dynamic, research-based approach to parenting that offers parents hope and a flexible map to achieve better outcomes with kids of every personality type. Parents who attend report that it is a life altering experience.  


The combination of YTN's extensive research, adolescent brain research and videos from kids who participated in the research help parents understand their kids needs and behavior in a new light.  A compelling vision to unlock our kids true potential mix with question and answer times with Jeff Schadt to help parents envision a different way to guide their kids towards and through the crucial adolescent years.


Dramatically different than other parenting approaches, the Secrets of Influential Parenting helps parents connect at a deeper level with their kids by targeting the inner things that lead to common frustration parents encounter with their kids. Parents of kids ages 4 to 18 will benefit from the research, insightful perspective and practical nature of an influential approach to parenting.



To learn more about the Secrets of Influential Parenting watch the introduction videos above, download the PDF that offers insights into the research, program and delivery options for a parent event or join YTNU and watch the first two sessions free today.