Help Your High School Graduate Transition Well!


Are you concerned about your kids' leaving home or your youth group?  Do you wonder how will they handle the temptations, manage their time, get connected to the right people, and if they will attend church or a college ministry?



This 2-disc, 8-session preparation series addresses the issues college students in our research said they wish they had been ready to handle.   Each DVD session runs approximately 35 minutes and begins with college student interviews that open our kids' eyes to the challenges ahead.  They are followed by practical content from a variety of subject matter experts. Watch a sample student video below from Succeed.  Succeed helps students see what is ahead and reevaluate the freedom they will have. 


Student report that Succeed helped them see for the first time how being involved in a church or college ministry will help them succeed academically on campus.  Parents report that watching Succeed with their high school junior or senior impacted their kid deeply and lead to conversations that were not possible without Succeed.



Group License


Included in the group package is a leader’s guide that provides outlines for a 15-minute question and answer time plus Going, Going, Gone! based on research with over 1,500 Christan adolescents. The sessions include stress, change and loneliness, time management, financial management, dealing with expectations, a college student Q & A panel and more…


Home Use: $89.00   Group Leaders License: $149.00