Be Prepared DVD

Be Prepared is a powerful video based on interviews with hundreds of Christian college students about the transition from home to college. The candid comments and stories from college students open high school students' eyes to the challenges and responsibilities they face. Through the eyes of college students our kids come to understand that the decisions they make the first days on campus can impact their college career and the rest of their lives. The DVD is ideal for use with any high school junior or senior that is heading to college whether Christian or Secular. The Be Prepared DVD is a great way to open your graduate to doing the Succeed college transition video series with you. $10.95





Be Prepared Program Presentation

This kit is designed for youth volunteers, a parent volunteer or youth pastors to equip their juniors and seniors to leave home and enter college.  Help protect your students from falling away from their faith with this highly interactive material that you present to your group.  It incorporates Biblical content with a professionally designed Power Point presentation, embedded with student video clips to prepare your graduates for the stress, loneliness and real world temptations they will face when they leave home. Using the life of Joseph and both the culture shock and temptations he faced on his own in Egypt, students interact and reevaluate the freedom they will have when they leave home.


The kit includes a step by step leader's guide with answers to common questions, the interactive CD-ROM with Power Point presentation to use with the students, as well as a Be Prepared DVD. Use it every year with your juniors and seniors.  Churches who have implemented this have seen 90 to 100% of their seniors connect to ministries or churches in college!

Group License $99.00