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As parents in a technology driven world we face many questions. In the face of our questions, it appears that the way we were raised is not as effective with our kids.  We are looking for answers that lead to the type of communication and relationship that will allow us to guide our kids without encountering the "inevitable" distance and battles.

YTN invested thousands of hours in direct research seeking to identify a better way. This research was driven by Jeff and Deedee Schadt's desire to see a better outcome with all of their kids and to address the disconnect they saw developing with their oldest between the age of seven and ten.  Read their story. The research forced Jeff and Deedee to reevaluate much of what they thought was the "right way" to raise kids. On making these changes they quickly saw their oldest reconnect and remain connected throughout middle school and high school.

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YTN's research integrated directly with adolescent brain research from National Geographic, Dr. Amen and UCLA pointing to a different approach to parenting that YTN calls the Secrets of Influential Parenting.  Influential Parenting has helped thousands of families experience less conflict, better relationships, deeper communication and more internally motivated kids! Along the way YTN's research also led to the development of powerful programs that help adolescents develop the internal desire to achieve, avoid potential pitfalls as well as prepare them for the transition to college.

Secrets of Influential Parenting

The Secrets of Influential Parenting offers parents a different perspective on parenting that has helped thousands of parents see dramatic changes in their kids.


If you desire more positive, cooperative and motivated kids allow YTN to unlock the Secrets uncovered in our research that enable parents to access the internal desire for achievement within their kids. When this occurs parents can relax because they have better relationships, deeper communication, and far more positive influence over the decisions their kids make as they grow and enter adolescence.


Watch some actual parents who braved the camera to talk about Influential Parenting and the impact it has had on their families, marriages and kids. 

It is possible to have closer relationships and increasing influence in our kids' lives as they grow up and even through the "difficult" adolescent years. Learn how to target the deeper things that lead to better relationships, motivation and behavior with the kids of today! 

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The Secrets of Influential Parenting Series is available in YTN's Parent Support Community, via live events; video based classes and is also available on DVD and Audio CD.   Experience the dramatic difference Influential Parenting can make today!

Parent Support Community

YTNU, our online parent support community, helps parents:

Unleash their kid's true potential
Increase their kid's desire to listen and respect them
Draw upon their kid's internal desire for greatness
Have better relationships with their kids
Develop a positive family culture that leads to lasting confidence in their kids



YTNU has a library of over 220 videos that help parents approach their kids in a new and exciting way. Join the growing number of families that:

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