As Christian parents of four Deedee and I understand the challenging dynamics of parenting, teaching and working with youth today.  Heather our first was an amazing, compliant child but as she approached age nine she began to grow more distant from us.  We wondered what happened to the sweet child we were so close to as she began to draw away from us.


The growing distance in our relationship, the increased conflict, and the fact that our daughter did not want to be honest with us caused us to step back.  We began looking for answers beyond the typical answers found in books and the seminars we had attended.


Little did we know that our search would lead to the Youth Transition Network and our mission, “Prevent the Divide, Empower Their Future!”  The resulting qualitative research into the failure of students during the college transition led to identifying a number of underlying causes that were vastly different from what we had heard.  We identified the root or genesis point as the commonly accepted breakdown in the parent adolescent relationship, which begins as early as age 8 or 9 and has resulted in an increasing relational distance between adults and youth.


Based on YTN’s research we began to make changes in our approach that led to a new culture in our home that resulted in:

The research and changes we made along with two years of testing led to the development of the Secrets of Influential Parenting.


After running YTN for eleven years it is hard to imagine doing anything else.  It is my passion to coach adolescents and parents into better relationships that result in kids' reconnecting and/or staying connected throughout adolescence.   A different outcome is possible in these crucial years.


Jeff and his wife Deedee have committed their lives to helping parents and youth thrive during adolescence in order to facilitate their success when they transition to college or career.   They have personally conducted qualitative research with over 3,000 adolescents in order to develop The Secrets of Influential Parenting, Succeed College Transition Seminar, Its Your Life and Reboot.


Jeff and Deedee were both born in Evanston, IL, and grew up in Arizona, Illinois and Connecticut.  Jeff holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in marketing and a Masters Degree in Leadership from Phoenix Seminary.


Before founding YTN, Jeff gained extensive corporate experience working in Sales and Marketing for TimeSystems, Franklin Covey, and Management Development Inc. He later served seven years as President and CEO of AppointmentZone, Inc.