About YTN


Youth Transition Network's (YTN) mission is to "Prevent the Divide, Empower Their Future!”  

Prevent the Divide between parents and kids as well as kids and adults and empower adolescents to achieve their full potential.  As a non-profit organization this is not just our mission, but the life calling of everyone at YTN.  YTN pursues ongoing research directly with kids, adolescents and parents in order to provide the best information, ideas and solutions possible to parents, schools and youth workers.  Our research results in constant improvements to our programs and resources.   The most recent include YTNU our parent support community and parent/adolescent coaching.


YTNU Our Parent Support Community

The parent support community has a growing list of over 200 videos covering the latest research, concepts, stories and information that will help parents, educators and youth workers as they strive to provide the best platform for kids to achieve their true potential today and for their future.

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Parent Adolescent Coaching

YTN is developing a team of coaches to help adolescents evaluate their lives, hang-ups and potential in order to help them chart a course for their future. The coaching relationship moves through a process of evaluation and onto goal identification that allows our coaches to help adolescents evaluate their life choices against their desires and goals both today and for the future.  This frequently results in adolescents’ desiring to alter their direction as well as motivating them to engage with their parents and academics in order to achieve their desired level of success!


Frequently this process results in working with adolescents' parents to bring about mutual understanding and improve relationships between parents and their kids leading to a positive culture at home and more motivated cooperative adolescents at home and school.


Contact YTN today if you would like to explore a coach for your adolescent. For more information call YTN at (602) 441-2240 x 104.