Have you ever thought to yourself, "I will not have the same relationship with my kids, that I had with my parents?" Do you wonder if there is a different way to parent. There is Hope. YTN's research has identified a better way to approach the adolescent years. You can stay connected or reconnect with your adolescents and remain the primary influence in their lives during these crucial years.

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Educators often see the impact of the home environment on their students first. Help families reconnect and stir the inner flame for achievement in their children with our research based "Secrets of Influential Parenting."

Help restore your students' confidence and motivation with "It's Your Life" events and programs. As students hear themselves, view themselves more like adults and understand the source of motivation issues within, they are freed to adopt a personal vision for the future that restores their internal desire to achieve.

YTN's student and parent programs are research driven, targeting the deeper issues that lead to common behavior and motivation issues.

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Youth Organizations

YTN partners with a wide variety of youth organizations including: after school programs, tutoring centers, counseling centers, sports programs and churches in order to help families and students discover the amazing things adolescents are capable of with the right guidance, insights and perspective. Many students feel like they struggle to fit in or are incapable of achieving what they believe is expected of them according to our research. You can empower your students to go beyond their boundaries and reach their full potential as well as offer families hope for change through YTN's research driven programs.

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